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GREETING CARD | Deluxe Set of 12

GREETING CARD | Deluxe Set of 12

Newly launched by popular demand!

Dimension: 154 x 110 mm, includes envelope

This deluxe greeting card set of 12 brings together the full collection (minus The Cardboard Granny) titled "Unspoken Stories, Unsung Heroes" and "Sunset Warriors of Hong Kong" —telling the real stories of (extra)ordinary people whose lifetime devotion and spirit of resilience helped shaped the Hong Kong today. A hearty slice of Hong Kong and a wonderful gift for all Hong Kong lovers.




• The Dai Pai Dong

• The Metal Mailbox Maker
• Wong's Rice Shop

• The Birdcage Maker

• The Alleyway Barber
• The Signboard Calligrapher
• The Mahjong Tile Carver
• Wong's Banana Stall

• Chan's Roast Chestnut Cart

• Wong's D