About me

Picture Frame Graphic

Long before I picked up chopsticks, I've picked up a pencil and a paintbrush. Childhood was spent drawing and sketching, getting caught passing hand-drawn comic books under classroom desks, painting in rain and all through summers.

Fast forward some years, I began sketching in my travels, capturing moments, food, and thoughts in places I stepped foot on. Recently, as I venture into the world of watercolor urban sketching, I started turning back to my very own hometown for inspirations, uncovering unspoken stories along the way - often in the most ordinary, familiar, yet blatantly overlooked places - markets, street corners, lanes and alleyways.

Each stall and each character tells a story, one that weaves into the rise and fall of Hong Kong and the fabric of culture and heritage that makes Hong Kong uniquely Hong Kong. Each one tells of a not-so-distant past and future, of a lifetime of devotion and dedication, and of the age-old tug of war between progress and tradition, reality and ambition.

These are the true, unsung heroes of the home we call Hong Kong.


Join me in this journey as I prop myself down on my portable stool, clad with my watercolor kit and face mask, dodging traffic and mobs of pedestrians, one sketch at a time.

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