About me

Picture Frame Graphic

Long before I picked up chopsticks, I've picked up a pencil and a paintbrush.


Childhood was spent drawing, getting caught passing hand-drawn comic strips under classroom desks, painting in rain and sketching on the run.

Fast forward some years, I began sketching in my travels, capturing moments, food, and thoughts in places I stepped foot on. Recently, while experimenting with watercolor urban sketching, I inadvertently embarked on a journey of 'rediscovery' in my hometown, uncovering unspoken stories along the way —often in the most ordinary, familiar, yet most overlooked places.

Each storefront and each character tells of an extraordinary story, one that weaves into the rise (and fall) of Hong Kong and the rich, intangible cultural heritage that makes Hong Kong so uniquely Hong Kong. Each one tells of a not-so-distant past and future, of a lifetime of devotion and resilience, and of the age-old struggle between progress and tradition, reality and ambition.

These are the true, unsung heroes of the home we call Hong Kong.


Join me in this journey as I prop myself down on my portable stool with sketchbook and brush, dodging traffic and mobs of pedestrians —one sketch at a time.

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