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BIG Thank you!

A year ago, I dreamed of one day getting into the Affordable Art Fair. This August, I'll be joining a sea of creative talents and participating for the very first time at the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2022!

Showing alongside an incredibly diverse and talented cast at ARTRACX —the only gallery offering both works of art & digitalized certificates of authenticity thru blockchain — I’m thrilled to be sharing selected pieces from my collection AND debuting a couple of new paintings! Hope to see you there!
- Alvin

Hong kong 2022

Aug 4-7

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


It’s been a blessing for the opportunity to collaborate with @townplacehk in bringing together our very first art installation in their cozy, stylish living spaces! From planning to hanging, we had a lot of fun curating the pieces and putting nails through the walls. My biggest gratitude and shoutout to the TOWNPLACE team for their commitment in bringing the community together and supporting local art!

My first solo Exhibition 2021

A Moment in Time.jpg
My very first solo exhibition at a unique, charming historical neighborhood
celebrating a special moment in time

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