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"The Coppersmiths" debuted at the Affordable Art Fair 2023 and is now coming to my online store!
Thank you all for coming by to say hello!
- Alvin

The Shop

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Feature Collection

Unspoken Stories,

Unsung Heroes

Limited Edition Prints,

Postcards & Greeting Cards from my core collection

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Tales of a Ladder Street

Open Edition Prints & Postcards
from this playful series centered on Shing Wong Street, peppered with whimsy & nostalgia

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Hong Kong Classics

Limited Edition Prints & Postcards from this star-studded series paying homage to Hong Kong's greatest cinema masterpieces

The Shop

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Art Prints

Limited Edition & Open Edition Prints | Museum-grade paper & archival ink | Global shipping

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Postcards & Greeting Cards

Singles & Sets from my favorite collections, each one tells a story.


Bespoke Cards

Fully customizable Fortune Cookie & Mahjong Tile Cards

for all occasions!

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