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ART PRINT | The Inner Child

ART PRINT | The Inner Child

Centered around hilly Shing Wong Street, a century-old neighborhood built on granite steps just a stone's throw away from downtown, ”Tales of a Ladder Street” is a mini series that captures the timelessness and the whimsical spirit of a vibrant, living community. The heart of the series —a 1950s era walk-up - celebrates its 70th birthday this year as it overlooks the surrounding quarter —an area which has now officially commenced revitalization work.

Growing up in 1980s Hong Kong, almost every kid had a laminate table like this to doodle and do homework on and eat at. So take a pause, pull up the pint-sized chair and prop yourself down. Awaken your inner child as you join the generations of kids before you who grew up playing and running on these very steps.


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