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Mahjong Tiles Card with Personalized Message

Mahjong Tiles Card with Personalized Message

Dots, bamboo, characters, winds and dragons. The age-old game that unites players from Hong Kong and the world over! Inspired by traditional hand-carved and -painted Mahjong tiles, this fun card allows you to customize a simple yet powerful message of well wishes to a dear friend or loved one.


Fit for all occasions:

Farewell | Friendship | Birthday | Wedding | New Years & more!


Each tile fits up to ONE Chinese character, thus forming a 4-character phrase. Chinese wishes and blessings typically come in 4 characters, so chances are I can custom hand-paint a phrase that best suits your purpose. I can also translate 4-syllable names into Chinese!

For Farewell: 一帆風順 / 一路平安

For Friendship: 友誼永固

For Birthday: 生日快樂

For Wedding or Romance: 永結同心 /  百年好合 / 天生一對 / 愛到永遠

For Promotion: 前程似錦 / 步步高升

... plus so many more for every occasion and every wish!

Simply choose from the suggested examples, come up with your own, or remark the occasion and whom you are giving to, and leave the rest to me! I'll be in touch to confirm the customization.



  • Postcard: 149 x 108 mm
  • Greeting card: 154 x 110 mm, includes envelope


  • Let me know your occasion and purpose, I can help translate basic and common wishes into popular Chinese phrases.

Hong Kong: Free local standard shipping (3 - 5 days)

International: Additional fees apply for international shipping (10 - 20 days)

PriceFrom HK$40.00
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