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POSTCARD | A Better Tomorrow

POSTCARD | A Better Tomorrow

Dimension: 148 mm x 108 mm


Upon its release in 1986, A Better Tomorrow became the highest-grossing film in Hong Kong history at the time and set the new standard for gangster movies. This was the first of a partnership between Chow Yun-fat and director John Woo that propelled both into megastardom. In this opening scene, "Mark Gor" (Chow), an ex-gangster, slurps up rice rolls from a street hawker. Just as the humble rice rolls are eternally Hong Kongers' favorite comfort food, Chow —still popularly known by his moniker —remains one of Hong Kong's most beloved and respected actors.

「在為犯罪英雄片創下先河的《英雄本色》打破了當時的香港票房紀錄。導演吳宇森及男主角周潤發二人首次合作,周更從此一躍成為巨星,吳亦邁向成為荷李活導演之路。主角Mark 哥(周潤發飾)於無牌小販檔吃腸粉登場,隨年月過去,仿佛平平無奇的腸粉至今仍深受香港人喜愛,而平易近人的發哥亦仍是最受港人愛戴的男演員之一。」

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