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POSTCARD Box Set of 6 | "Sunset Warriors"

POSTCARD Box Set of 6 | "Sunset Warriors"

Postcard Dimension: 148 mm x 108 mm

Dive into the heart of Hong Kong's fascinating living history and get to know the many devoted craftsmen and tradesmen that shaped our city —many of whom the last of their kind in this era of rapid change.

As part of my ongoing collection titled "Unspoken Stories, Unsung Heroes", this set of 6 features extraordinary Sunset Warriors who strive to carry on traditional skills and crafts that are now at the brink of disappearing. Each one brings to life real stories of inspiring men and women whose lifetime of dedication weaves into the rise of Hong Kong as well as the rich heritage and culture that makes Hong Kong so uniquely Hong Kong.

1. The Coppersmiths
2. The Metal Mailbox Maker

3. The Birdcage Maker

4. The Signboard Calligrapher

5. The Mahjong Tile Carver

6. The Alleyway Barber

Hong Kong: Free local standard shipping (3 - 4 business days)
International: Additional fees apply for international shipping (10 - 20 days)

HK$180.00 Regular Price
HK$160.00Sale Price
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