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POSTCARD | God of Cookery

POSTCARD | God of Cookery

Dimension: 148 mm x 108 mm


The 1990s was regarded as the golden era of “mo lei tau” (nonsensical) Cantonese comedies, a phrase that has become synonymous with films starring "king of comedy" Stephen Chow, who propelled Hong Kong's comedy-flick industry to international fame with a long list of hilarious classics. Here in this epic cooking battle scene, Chow is reimagined to be preparing the fabled "Jazz Soup" —a dish invented in the 1980s in honour of philanthropist Sir Tang Shiu-kin.

「由周星馳開創的「無厘頭」笑片風格,帶領港產喜劇於 90 年代進入黃金時代,周星馳本人更成為「喜劇之王」的代名詞,於國際影壇深具影響力。於《食神》這部經典電影的烹飪大賽中,史提芬周(周星馳飾)經重新想像後,正運用一身少林武功精心烹調以慈善家鄧肇堅爵士命名的香港經典名湯『爵士湯』。 」

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