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POSTCARD Set of 4 | Tales of a Ladder Street

POSTCARD Set of 4 | Tales of a Ladder Street

Dimension: 148 mm x 108 mm


Centered around hilly Shing Wong Street, a century-old neighborhood built on granite steps just a stone's throw away from downtown, ”Tales of a Ladder Street” is a mini series that captures the timelessness and the whimsical spirit of a vibrant, living community. The heart of the series —a 1950s era walk-up, celebrates its 70th birthday this year as it overlooks the surrounding quarter —an area which has now officially commenced revitalization work.


Set of 4 comes with the complete mini series.

Hong Kong: Free local standard shipping (3 - 5 days)

International: Additional fees apply for international shipping (10 - 20 days)

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