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POSTCARD Set of 9 | Unspoken Stories, Unsung Heroes Part II

POSTCARD Set of 9 | Unspoken Stories, Unsung Heroes Part II

Dimension: 148 mm x 108 mm


This set features my most recent and most precious additions telling the stories of twilight industries in Hong Kong —part of my ongoing series titled "Unspoken Stories, Unsung Heroes".

Capturing a moment in a time of rapid change, these watercolor sketches pay tribute to the inspiring men and women whose lifetime of devotion are keeping Hong Kong's fading traditional industries alive. Often with few or no successors, most of these trades are believed to become history within this decade and disappear entirely with this generation of skilled artisans and craftsmen.

Each one brings to life real stories of (extra)ordinary people whose dedication weaves into the rise of Hong Kong as well as the rich cultural heritage that makes Hong Kong so uniquely Hong Kong.



1. The Ice Cream Grandpa

2. The Coppersmiths
3. The Dai Pai Dong

4. The Metal Mailbox Maker
5. Wong's Rice Shop

6. The Birdcage Maker

7. The Alleyway Barber
8. The Signboard Calligrapher
9. The Mahjong Tile Carver

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HK$270.00 Regular Price
HK$230.00Sale Price
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