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The Birdcage Maker

The Birdcage Maker

Chan Lok-Choi first learned how to make birdcages at age 12, and went on to open his own shop in the '70s when the popularity of bird-keeping in Hong Kong was at its peak. But then consumer habits shifted and the custom of taking pet birds for a stroll began to fade. Now in his late 70s, Chan is the only one left standing, carrying on an endangered craft as he repairs bamboo cages in the city's renowned Bird Garden.




Postcard: 149 x 108 mm
Greeting card: 154 x 110 mm, includes envelope

Hong Kong: Free local standard shipping (3 - 4 business days)

International: Additional fees apply for international shipping (10 - 20 days)

PriceFrom HK$30.00
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