POSTCARD | Wong's Rice Shop

POSTCARD | Wong's Rice Shop

Dimension: 148 mm x 109 mm

Free standard local shipping*



Before the age of supermarkets, family-run rice shops were once the only way to buy the staple grain in Hong Kong. Like his father before him, Wong Tak-Kam creates custom rice blends with various textures for his customers. At age 77, he continues to deliver orders in person by bicycle. Although the introduction of prepackaged rice and modern-day eating habits have all but decimated a once-thriving trade, the human touch of a traditional rice shop shall never be replaced.




    *Free standard local shipping via regular post.

    Please allow 3 - 5 business days for shipping.

    Additional charges apply for international shipping and express shipping options.

    All postcards are wrapped in waterproof sleeves and packed in signature Hong Kong-style envelopes along with a personalized message :)


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